"Plasma Blast"

"Smashed Hits"

"Suicide Sessions"
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Plasma Blast were born with the acoustic association of the Sinisters' guitarist, Scarlet, and singer Marcus Ireland (who had previously also played bass in Ky Anto's Sassy Scarlet). The two proceeded to release a 6-song acoustic cassette titled "Suicide Sessions" prior to assembling an electric live line-up and recording their first EP (released on CD as FWM009 in 1999.

The electric shows kept getting better and better as Marcus and Scarlet wrote new material. WIth the addition of Nick Sewell (from Tchort, now in the Illuminati) on bass and Jeff "Easy Money" Zurba on drums, the band were ready to make their first album.

Producer extraordinaire Ian Blurton stepped in to steer the Plasmas through the recording of what was to be their first and final full-length album, "Smashed Hits". Scarlet and Marcus parted ways shortly after its release, with Scarlet once again focusing on the Sinisters and Marcus moving to Vancouver (reportedly he is now singing in a band called Chinatown).

Left to right:
Jeff "Easy Money" Zurba, Nick Sewell, Scarlet, Marcus Ireland


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