SufferboyFWM059 JUD Sufferboy
bright white light / drained / universal / daylight / accelerate
cowboy song / the maggots / what are you made for
asylum / that's life / chasing the pain away
satisfy / unless
A ReckoningFWK058 NEIL LEYTON a reckoning...
Les Jeux sont Faits / Euthanasia, our Love / The Heart of the Kingsnake 
3000 Down / One Day at a Time / Slow the Dark / The Next Level / I don’t want to fear the Future / Multumesc / Sorrow is not the Answer / No More Sunshine (K. Quain)
Bonus track: Humanist Cafe 

PassiondFlowerFWK057 The many trails of the PASSION'D FLOWER
Do You Remember / The Legend / Father to Son (The Goth) / Stay Away / Shoulderman
The Sick Rose / Revealed / Anthem / Eden Falls / The Photograph / Clay Dragon
Emanon II / Dream (in the making) / Snake in the Glen / Midnight Train
Full Circle

Aceface epFWM056 ACEFACE ep 
Join the Faction / Enough / She's Insane
Shine / Manic Panic / The Reply 

(Licensed via Creative Commons: CC 2008 By-Nc-Nd license. Some Rights Reserved).

EnolaFWM055 RED ORKESTRA enola  ep
radio towers (ep mix) / red stars / these troubles of mine / 
out of time/everything there is to know / sweet hereafter (live)
(Licensed via Creative Commons: CC By-Nc-Sa 2007 Some Rights Reserved).

Pretty VolumeFWK053 PRETTY VOLUME  
Ky Anto and Neil Leyton side project album. It's Alright / Happiness is Everything
Colleen / Centerfold / So Long / Dreaming / Cheerleader / Burn it Down
She Says / Revelation

anthem / the classic / orson welles / sonic redemption / celebrating youth
napalm nation / everything or / the pigs (of gadara) / sweet taste of love
european dream

FWF051FWF051 TURKU ROMANTIC MOVEMENT rock rhythm & revolution 
Fading Ways Finland and Turku Romantic Movement release their first CD:
1. The Classic 2. The Pigs (Of Gadara) 3. Techno Revolution
Live from Obaren, Stockholm:
4. Sonic Redemption 5. Animals 6. Provocation

Fifty.FWM050 FADING WAYS fifty  (2-CD set)

Celebrating Fading Ways' fiftieth released title!

Disc One: Label Artists

1- The Conscience Pilate- Never For You
2- The Pariahs- Sick n Wired
3- Aceface- Essential
4- Red Orkestra- These Troubles of Mine
5- Ky- All My Friends Are Dead
6- Staci T. Rat (Red Light Rippers)- Another Time
7- Turku Romantic Movement- Sonic Redemption
8- Pretty Volume- Burn it Down
9- The Sinisters- Money & Alcohol
10- Passion'd Flower- Do You Remember
11- Neil Leyton- Either/Or

Disc Two: Artist Collective

1- The Peak Point- The Gathering
2- The Shanks- Bridge of Sighs
3- Jesus Trigger- Mistake No. 6
4- Michael Lundin- Used Car
5- Radio Lucifer- She is the C.I.A
6- Baby Scream!!?!- Slut
7- Zen Motel- Dress Code Violence
8- Mark Fernyhough- Black Birds
9- Talladega- Summer Jacket
10- John Aubrey- My New Soul
11- Vaslav- Stranger Dressed in Burgundy
12- Maria Pettersson- Saved
13- Baby Juan & Barbi- Soliloquy
14- Capulets- Seven
15- The Machines- Time
16- Teenage Casket Company- Eat Your Heart Out
17- The Egos- Perfect World

LWTMFWR049 RED ORKESTRA life with the machines

Second album from Johnny Charmer, this time featuring The Machines and George Bettencourt as his Red Orkestra co-conspirators: World Turned Upside Down / One by One / Radio Towers / It's Impossible /Devil and the Deep Blue Sea / All My Life / Ten Thousand Miles / She Stands Alone / For a Little While / Say That You Will / A Far Cry From the Truth (Licensed via Creative Commons: CC 2006 By-Nc-Sa Some Rights Reserved).

LeytonTRMspliFWF048 NEIL LEYTON / TURKU ROMANTIC MOVEMENT animals / lie to me 7"
FW Finland presents the debut English language singles from Turku Romantic Movement (ex-Turun Romantiikka) who deliver two double A-side tracks from this split EP: Animals and Generation Updated. Leyton's half of the EP includes two Ginger-produced offerings from Neil Leyton's Dead Fashion Brigade CD-EP including a different mix of the single, "lie to me" , which is a re-working of the TCP classic "Faking It".

TBOTSFWM047 NEIL LEYTON the betrayal of the self
The System is the System is the Problem / When a Ghost Flies Young / Slowdance 1974
Automatically / Flying Machine Blues / Drop Dead Gorgeous / Alone Together
Hyperventilating / I just can't take another smile / Done this one before
Pleasures for Ophelia / Adopt-a-Terrorist / Darkness Falls 
(Licensed via Creative Commons: CC 2006 By-Nc-Sa Some Rights Reserved).

DFBFWM046 NEIL LEYTON dead fashion brigade ep
Co-Produced by the Wildhearts' Ginger and mixed by the Stagger Twins. Tracks: 1. fires 2. lie to me 3. of course you knew 4. maryland 5. right here don't feel so right right now 6. when a ghost flies young

Sinisters TVFWM045 THE SINISTERS terminal volume
Fourth album from Toronto's infamous glam-punks. And their last, hence aptly titled. Scarlet and Smokin' Billy can now be found playing the gueetar and drums in Drunkula, check them out!
mr. disaster / speedthrill overkill / sonic iguana / baby, where'd you go / just got bored
let's get down / creepy / hometown hell / violence and lust / snakehead

RLRFWM044 RED LIGHT RIPPERS nobody likes a rat 
Red Light Rippers' debut album. RLR were: 
Staci T. Rat - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Stephane DeBernardi - Bass and Backing Vocals
Jonny Scott - Vocals and Rhythym Guitar
Dangerous Danny C. - Drums

BalanceFWM042 BALANCE artists for balanced copyright law and fairness to consumers!
16-track compilation featuring artists of different nationalities and musical styles, all of which are opposed to the current music industry trend to "strengthen" copyright. In fact, these are artists who feel that the music industry is going too far - to such an extreme that new legislations increasingly deprive their fans and consumers of the traditional civil liberties they used to enjoy after purchasing music.

Diamond DogsFWM041 DIAMOND DOGS bound to ravage
Compilation exclusive to Fading Ways; featuring songs from the Diamond Dogs' previous Swedish releases. 1. Sad to say I'm sorry 2. Bite off 3. Bound to ravage 4. From now on 5. Autopilot 6. Somebody else's lord 7. Hardhitter 8. Things you're never ever gonna wanna do 9. Crooked crutch 10. Goodbye miss Jill 11. Gotta be gone (it's alright) - feat. the Hellacopters' Nick Royale. 12. Passing through my heart

The PariahsFWR040 THE PARIAHS the pariahs
baby's a rocker / teenage death song / nightime of knives
sad song / down again / essential / joan jett / yellow alert
(me i'm) wild heat

(Licensed via Creative Commons: CC 2004 Some Rights Reserved).

FWR039 ACEFACE threat level: redwhiteblue
face machine / the drugs don't work / poptart / again / sally homeland
drowned / film star / david average / have our day / dirty little secret
rise rise / silence

(Licensed via Creative Commons: CC 2004 Some Rights Reserved).

efficiency / shake / soliloquy / ingrid schubert / bullet

Produced by Neil Leyton and Steve Payne.
(Licensed via Creative Commons: CC 2004 Some Rights Reserved).

FWR037 JIM CLEMENTS kill devil hills
so much alarm / before the beating starts / coming up roses
fletcher christian / wendy darling / i've always been faithful
so much confetti / strangest places / the volcano song
after the flood / another sky

(Licensed via Creative Commons: CC 2004 Some Rights Reserved).

SM20040 PAUL JAMES BERRY nations
con brio / the ballad of serge gainsbarre / mary blue / supermodel / the kite / mexican girl & the english rose / cable ride / mr & mrs kool / whiplash / c'est la vie / fever van rose

FWR036 RED ORKESTRA after the wars
still waters / looking for my life / wide / days of gold / awake

love and war / all this is a dream / sail for home
settle an old score / sweet hereafter / after the wars
for the world (live)
(Licensed via Creative Commons: CC 2004 Some Rights Reserved).


FWM035 KY doodling on jazz
so cool / us / still waiting / never thought / can't sleep
my sex my violin / time to go / sun & the moon
casino queen / listen / cosmic ease


FWM032 Galore
little hit parader / pocket rocket / sing along with someone / right where you left me / unlucky star / pretty one / everybody does / sweet sugar freak / waltz / slow candle


FWM027 Silky
the world cd-single
the world (single version) / a little light / tears (cafe mix)


FWM026 The Sin-Tones
the resurrection of joe clark / knot of wood / chick boat / mail-order bride / it could be... a beaker full of death! / picked clean / monster truck-o-rama / trailer park sadie / final frontier
they went thattaway / yesterday's tomorrow / the jam song / atomic paradise

FWM025 Neil Leyton
...from the brighter side of her Midnight Sun
whispers / melancholy, understanding / (i miss the times) when the russians were coming / mad sounds of conflict / to jay-17 / once upon a yesterday / staring / ovlov / alluvium
shadow of myself / newspaper memories / sobral / blacklight / nine / (i wanna lie) where the flowers grow / the fading ways manifesto / twilight of the gods

FWM022 The Sinisters
jumbo means jumbo
tri-state killing spree / dirtnap / xxx / rocket / booze / sheree / king of death / bug brain
devil-fucker / planet 13 / smokin' billy / 00-666 / mondo slime / lovin' & killin'


FWM021 The Pariahs Down Again enhanced CD single
Down Again/Sad Song/Joan Jett


FWM020 Plasma Blast
smashed hits
being me / in flames / she's got disease / cigarettes / kola / strange / what part
heaven is hollywood / sonic blue / ooh song / jukebox whores


AFCD2020 Aceface
amazing dementia EP
amazing dementia / just like you / i feel free / fine
knock me out / brefne cries


FWM017 Kevin Quain tequila vampire matinee
no more sunshine / bells of hell / devil song / king of everything / tequila vampire country / thief of dances / born a dog / bloodsucker blues / another little angel/foley's lament / when the sun goes down / picking flowers / heaven / roses & gasoline / jump down; maria / scarecrow / tequila vampire matinee / bad weather friends / theme from tequila vampire matinee
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FWM016 Galore
pilot light EP
really good feeling / signs of life / pocket rocket / shine too hard / pushover
from the deep end

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FWM014 Neil Leyton
my new soul EP
my new soul / elaina / first / find me / perfect world / leo / paint the white house black
bonus tracks (1st pressing only): 11th street kids / scared of dying / i'm leavin'
my new soul (2000 version) / my new soul (2000 video edit)
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FWM013 Kevin Quain hangover honeymoon
niagara falls / seven blue sundays / market song / monkey boy dance / catch you in the rye / you can't stay here / sailor song / let's get loaded / if you don't come back to me now / your mother remembers your name / henrietta's belfry / uptown/downtown / hanged man dance / can't keep a good man down / mr. valentine's dead / coffee dogs / hangover square / the bells of hell
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FWM011 The Sin-Tones
jesus had a gibson / astrogirl / yesterday's tomorrow / mir space station / folsom prison blues / maurice / gitchigoomi / the great big boobs / trailer park sadie / the mtm theme / let's tear it up / hava tequila / takes you away

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FWM010 500 & Crave
channel 51 cd-single
(co-release with Feline Records UK)
channel 51 / vulgar / battleback

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FWM009 Plasma Blast
self-titled EP
jet / kola / could've / ape song

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FWM008 Passion'd Flower
return of the ugly warriour EP
the legend / the sick rose / shoulderman / the
photograph / eden falls / dream / full circle


FWM007 Neil Leyton
down secret avenue with the last lovers
hiroshima / impossible future / a little light /
fires of the heart / silent sound / fortune / my new soul
spirit / the photograph / forever / parisian dancing
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FWM006 Sharpkid
welcome to our world EP
teenage hooligan / innocent love / winter / time
produced by neil leyton (1999)

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FWMR13 The Conscience Pilate
sunday refugees
elaina / this angel / the lupe / idiot radio / faking it
the long day / spoilt beautiful / antonet / missing / now
plus 7 bonus tracks including FWM005
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FWMR03 The Conscience Pilate
movie scene st.
Re-issue of FWM003 with additional 10 bonus tracks

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Nancy, Despot!
Left of Memphis (1996 album)
(licensed for distribution from Noise Factory Records)

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69 Duster
mania! (1996 album)
former Images in Vogue frontman dale martindale's current band

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FWM005 The Conscience Pilate
fires of the heart cd-single
fires of the heart / candle dance / sad

out of print (tracks re-issued FWMR13)

FWM003 The Conscience Pilate
living in a movie scene E.P. (1996)
leaving / never for you / mistake no. 6 / perfect prize
dark star passing / money & alcohol / lady stardust

out of print (re-issued as FWMR03)

FWM001 The Conscience Pilate
never for you 12" vinyl single (1995)
never for you / first / the path of least resistance


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